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Equipment: Coated Optics. Enhanced Gun Laying Drive. Vertical Stabilizer. As you can see, the name of the game with this set up is a combination of maximizing accuracy and then minimizing the ability for the enemy to see you while seeing them As a secondary armament, the Char 25t had a single 7,5 mm machine gun. With very compact dimensions of only 5.67m in length, 3.16m in width, and 2.37m in height, mass of the vehicle stayed below 25 tones. With such a low weight, the Char 25t could achieve a very high top speed of 65 km/h

For example, what equipment to put on Batchat 25t or how to pump one or another branch. It is worth saying right away that a lot depends directly on the style of the game. And only after learning about the capabilities of the machine and understanding how to play on the tank, you can answer these and other questions What equipment to put on the Batchat 25t will be clear only after you figure out your playing style. In addition to dynamic battles, in theory, you can take the role of firefly. The compact size of the equipment allows you to deal with passive light, choosing the perfect bushes B-C 25 t AP equipment 2.0 builds you can put on this tank in World of Tanks. Equipment setups based on Skill4ltu and Yzne configurations. If you have any suggestions about equipment builds or want to add some, feel free to message us using contact form Equipment setup for Batchat 25 AP? - posted in Gameplay: Im thinking of going Vstabs, camonet and binos. Is this to much of a spicy meme? Im considering this because I hope to passive scout with it, or should I just forget this? Or should I go for the more orthodox Vstabs, Optics and vents? I will also be using premium consumables The Batchat 25t: A new contender with Equipment 2.0? - posted in General Discussion: So Ive been thinking about grinding the EBR line when 1.10 hit the live server. Underneath the radar, the rotational mechanism acts like a discount vertical stabilizer, along with a bonus of improved turret and track traverse.The reason why I didnt want to get the batchat was because the atrocious gun handling.

Equipment 2.0 was massive shake up, and while cleaning up garage I would up revisiting my first tier 10. The Bat Chat 25t. I am by no means adept at the tank despite having it for close to a decade now. My major issue since getting the tank back when the lorr40t was a tier 9 has been the gun B-C 25 t. X. Cost. 6 100 000. 200 000. Preceded by. IXB-C 25 t AP. Armor profile. Armor performance I review the Batchat 25t, a tier 10 French medium tank in World of Tanks (WoT), with a replay of a Cliff battle.Stat line: Ace Tanker, 5.4k damage, 8 kills,. World of Tanks, WoT Video & Equipment list: http://bit.ly/skill4ltuAny insults towards Community Contributors will lead to the removal of your post.Merch: ht.. In 1950-1951, engineers of the FAMH company (Compagnie des forges et aciéries de la marine et d'Homécourt) worked on the development of a medium tank with a 90-mm gun and a rotating turret. Work was discontinued at the preliminary design stage. Later, all elements of the vehicle were incorporated in the Batignolles-Châtillon 25 t tank. Bat.-Châtillon 25 t AP video review covering the.

Secondary. armament. 7.5 mm machine gun. Suspension. Hydraulic suspension. Maximum speed. 65km/h. The Batignolles-Chatillon Char 25T is a medium tank, developed in the 1950s by the Batignolles-Chatillon company in France The Batchat is a very unique tank, and therefore has a unique playstyle. Welcome to the tier 10 light tank, the Batmobile 25T baguette launcher. The armor, well it has none. No real point putting an armor model in here, everything will pen you, any bounces are just pure RNG luck. But this is actually good, armor means weight, and without it you. Supertest: Bat-Chatillon 25 t Changes. One of the most awaited tanks to be converted into HD, Bat-Chatillon 25 t it's currently being rebalanced on Supertest Server. Update 9.20 will finally bring this vehicle in HD but it will be a different from what we currently have in-game Batchat 25t AP Three Marked. Easily one of the weaker tier 9 medium tanks, I feel it's only stronger than the T-54, WZ-120, Obj.430 and Obj.430 II for combat potential. Otherwise don't expect much out of the Batchat 25t AP and we won't be disappointed. However it does have a few strengths to leverage - Stunning mobility, strong on-the.

Batchat 25t equipment. Über 80% neue Produkte zum Festpreis; Das ist das neue eBay.Finde ‪Equipent‬! Riesenauswahl an Markenqualität. Folge Deiner Leidenschaft bei eBay Equipment bis -70% günstiger Jetzt kostenlos anmelden & kaufen Skills and Equipment on the Batchat 25t - posted in Game Guides and Tutorials: What skills should I have on the Batchat And which equipment should I put on the Batchat The Bat.-Châtillon 25 t AP is a French tier 9 medium tank. In 1950-1951, engineers of the FAMH company (Compagnie des forges et aciéries de la marine et d'Homécourt) worked on the development of a medium tank with a 90-mm gun and a rotating turret During 1950 and 1951, engineers of the FAMH company (Compagnie des forges et aciéries de la marine et d'Homécourt) worked on the development of a medium tank with a 90 mm gun and a 25-ton rotating turret. Work was discontinued at the preliminary design stage. Later, all elements of the vehicle were incorporated into the Batignolles-Châtillon 25 t tank 61 thoughts on Batchat 25t RL photos . Tsunami1 on April 5, 2014 at 9:18 am said: Batchat 25t should totally get a new camo scheme - rust. Jeno on April 5, 2014 at 9:19 am said: First off, nice post =) Secondly, this is a real shame such a brilliant piece of history and engineering going to waste like this : ( Data; Crew; Consumables; Equipment; Battle; Experience; Damage; Credits; Rating; Other. Data based on Tank Statistics 2 Jan 2014 I recently came back to WoT from a long break and I decided to buy back my old Batchat 25t I had sold. Two of my friends have the tank nowadays so I thought we could make some nice Batchat wolfpacks together

WoT BC 25t AP. Der Bat.-Châtillon 25 t AP ist ein französicher mittlerer Panzer der Stufe 9. Zwischen 1950 und 1951 arbeiteten die Ingenieure der Firma FAMH (Compagnie des forges et aciéries de la marine et d'Homécourt) an der Entwicklung eines mittleren Panzers mit einem 90-mm-Gschütz in einem Drehturm BATCHAT (B-C) 25 t AP WOT Tank Review E75 Equipment - posted in German Vehicles: Simple question: if you have a rammer and vert stabs on an E75, is it also worth equiping a gun laying drive? Ive been getting really frustrated with the aim time, and even though most people recommend vents I feel like Id have a better time if I just maximised the accuracy. Does anyone else feel the same way Batchat 25t ap guide deutsch. Der Bat.-Châtillon 25 t AP ist ein französicher mittlerer Panzer der Stufe 9. Zwischen 1950 und 1951 arbeiteten die Ingenieure der Firma FAMH (Compagnie des forges et aciéries de la marine et d'Homécourt) an der Entwicklung eines mittleren Panzers mit einem 90-mm-Gschütz in einem Drehturm

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Now there is a chance in the near future that this tank could be replaced by the Batchat 25t AP. The Prototype of the Bat.-Châtillon 25 t. The stats on the 25t AP really bother me, quite frankly they are bad. The only positive that would come out the change is that the profile of the tank is smaller. So better camo, and harder to hit Equipment for BC 25t AP, Jahpero 25 . The Batchat 25t. By kolni. September 20, 2016; I'll start off by saying that this is a difficult tank to play well. The bloom and time between shells really kills any quick opportunity to deal a lot of damage that every other autoloader gets except for the Foch 155

Bat Chat t AP (Tier 9) At tier 9 the Bat Chat t AP splits off of the bat Chat 12 t light tank. Moving to a medium you lose the on the move camouflage values that light tanks receive. However, the Bat Chat t AP still retains the excellent mobility that french lights/mediums are known for at high tiers BC 25t AP: The Art of Carry #8 - World of Tanks - YouTub . Not absolutely terrible. The batchat 25 ap right now looks ok.It doesn't suffer from the American low dpm autoloaders. RN it ties the regular e50 for dpm so it is just slightly below the rest of the pack. Its penetration is also in the middle at 232. It beats the t-54,e50,and the m46 patto Batchat 12t Equipment for Frontline - posted in General Discussion: Question for equipment and view range in Frontline battles. My good crews went to my 1390 and Batchat 25t AP so this crew isnt fully maxed yet. When the crew has BIA and full recon etc, I plan on using the standard set up of vert stab, optics and vents

Target damage estimates and requirements Marks of Excellence for tanks from France at tier 9: B-C 155 55, Foch, AMX M4 51, AMX 50 120, EBR 90, AMX 13 90, AMX 30, Char Futur 4, B-C 25 t AP Average HP, Low DPM, Penetration 245, Damage 350, Reload time 4.88 (Auto-reloader), Precise, Good gun depression, Fast, Small, Good view range. All about the tank. The Batchat 25t. By kolni. September 20, 2016. I'll start off by saying that this is a difficult tank to play well. The bloom and time between shells really kills any quick opportunity to deal a lot of damage that every other autoloader gets except for the Foch 155. What it does get in return is more mobility and a higher potential clip damage. Source: Taugrim I review the Bat.-Châtillon 12 t, a tier 8 French light tank in World of Tanks (WoT), with replays of tier 10 Steppes and tier 8 Redshire battles. The Bat Chatillon 12t is the ultimate finesse tank. Its autoloader can deal 680 damage in 6 seconds, but the BatChat often faces tier 9-1 A medium tank with an oscillating turret and a 90 mm gun. Developed by Batignolles-Châtillon in the mid-1950s. Two prototypes were manufactured. The vehicle never entered mass production. Bat.-Châtillon 25 t video review covering the main vehicle characteristics and its combat behavior

Apr 20, 2018 - World of Tanks Battle, Gameplay one against five on the French tier 9 medium tank Bat.-Châtillon 25 t AP. BatChat 25t AP is often called as ShitChat as it. BatChat 25t AP. In 1950-1951, engineers of the FAMH company (Compagnie des forges et aciéries de la marine et d'Homécourt) worked on the development of a medium tank with a 90-mm gun and a rotating turret. Work was discontinued at the preliminary design stage istedim ki bu muhteşem tankın kendisine ait bir başlığı olsun, zira oynamaktan en çok keyif aldığım tank, tam bir ölüm makinesi. aslında bu başlıkta zaman geçtikte doğrudan bilgi vermeye başlayacağım, videolar yükleyeceğim ama şimdilik merak edenler varsa sorularını yanıtlayayım. bat chattilion kullananlarin korumasi. Wot T28 equipment. While the T28 is capable of having its outer tracks removed, this was only done for rail transportation. The configuration with all 4 tracks (depicted in WoT as the T95) is the only one that was considered combat-worthy. With only the inner tracks, the ground pressure would be far too high for operational use 07-07-2011

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  1. Source: Taugrim. I review the T-54 ltwt, a tier 9 Russian light tank in World of Tanks (WoT), with replays of tier 9 Fjords and tier 10 Serene Coast battles.. The T-54 ltwt has just enough armor to bully lower-tier light and medium tanks, and it has the mobility to flank most heavies. It is one of the top 2 flanking tanks I've ever played; the other being the tier 10 T-100 LT
  2. Das Batchat 25t AP wird den Besitzern der Lorraine nicht kostenlos voll freigeschaltet zur Verfügung gestellt, es ist ja ein neuer Panzer im Forschungsbaum. Die Lorraine wird nicht zu einem Premiumpanzer und wird weiterhin im Forschungsbaum bleiben. Der HMH M51 ist nicht der M4 Revolrisé mit anderem Namen (unterschiedliche Federung usw.)
  3. Bat Châtillon. Der Batignolles-Châtillon Char 25T war ein französisches Panzer-Projekt aus den 1950er-Jahren.Das Projekt war sehr fortschrittlich für die damalige Zeit (sehr flache Wanne, hydraulische Federung, Wiegeturm), erreichte aber nie die Serienreife; es wurden lediglich zwei Prototypen gebaut Mitte der 1950er von Batignolles-Châtillon entwickelt
  4. g content added in today's micropatch, including a new commander - Lordsheen World of Tanks - Become the world's best World of Tanks player
  5. Bat.-Chatillon Bourrasque. Mit der Bat Chatillon 12t mle. 54 bekommt die Lorraine als französischer Autoloader auf Tier 8 jetzt Konkurrenz. Ursprünglich wurde die Lorraine von ihrem Platz als Tier 9 Vorgänger zur Batchat 25t vertrieben, da sie mit ihrem großen Profil und schlechtem Tarnwert irgendwie nicht so recht in die Reihe passen wollte
  6. I review the Batchat 25t, a tier 10 French medium tank in World of Tanks (WoT), with a replay of a Cliff battle. Stat line: Ace Tanker, 5.4k damage, 8 kills,.. Batchat 25t ap guide deutsch — batchat 25t anleitung für . Der Bat.-Châtillon 25 t oder auch Batchat ist für viele Spieler der heilige Gral, und das hat einen Grund
  7. So once I unlocked the BatChat 25t and got the top gun on it, I figured that would mean the tier IX BatChat AP would immediately start collecting dust. That often happens, especially with such a coherent tech tree line. Of course I kept it around. It's a nice tank, and it's almost as powerful as the tier X except for the front plate

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  1. Answer (1 of 2): Radio range decides whether or not you can see your friendly tanks on the map and any enemy tanks they spot (on the map as well as physically if they're inside the 500m or so render distance around you) if a tank on your team is further away than its radio range and your radio r..
  2. E-100 can own any tier X with 3 AP shots, Maus with 4! The only problem with E-100 is arty! By the way my in game nick is What happens to the Batchat 25T if we already have it in our garage? Reply Delete. It was generally better than WWII mostly because of the advanced equipment, not particularly because of armour. Delete
  3. Batchat 25t AP oder die Lorraine 40t ? (Umfrage) - posted in Mittlere Panzer: Abend allerseits, Seitdem der Afk Panther durch den Sp ic ersetzt und zum Premium Panzer wurde habe ich die Befürchtung, dass die Lorraine das selbe Schicksal zustoßen könnte

The Beretta 84F is no longer available as a new weapon from the factory. 100 Round Drum found in: MagLULA M-16 AR-15 StripLULA 10/rd Mag Loader & Unloader Black 5. 99; ProMag S&W Shield 9mm 10 round Magazine $ 20. Buy a 100 ROUND DRUM online. We would recommend this store for you personally Batchat 25t is a much better AMX 13 105. 14. Share. The Bat Chat 25t is more agile than the 13 105, which makes no sense AMX 13 105 EBR 105 1 x verbessertes Equipment AMX 30 B B-C 25 t AMX 50 B S. Crew 2 skills + 3 equipment B-C 25 t AP - Crew 3 skills + 3 equipment AMX 50 120. Answer: It all depends on your playstyle and experience. For beginners, a country like Russia or Germany might be a good start, as they have good armor and are overall pretty decent. Play the Americans if you like well rounded tanks with good turrets and hull down fighting. The EU has lots of var..

- Lorraine 40t Review by Harkonnen. Analysis and Opinion. First let's just say this tank fits so much better the French Medium branch as a crew trainer and enables players to learn how to play Top Tier French auto loaders, with only three crew members you can now finally train that Bat.Chat. crew without the need of getting an extra crew member just to be able to use a Premium tank 25.6 km/h. KV là tên một dòng tăng hạng nặng lấy tên viết tắt của nhà chính trị-quân sự nổi tiếng Liên Xô Kliment Voroshilov. Dòng xe KV phục vụ cho quân đội Liên Xô từ trước Chiến tranh thế giới thứ hai và là một trong những loại xe tăng hạng nặng ở thời điểm 1940-1941. WoT Lorraine 40t crew skills. Even though the Lorraine 40 t is such a large vehicle, the crew only consists of three members. The same applies to the Bat.-Chât. 25 t AP and Bat.-Chât. 25 t . The choice of skills focuses on gun reliability The Lorraine 40T started at tier 8 when WOT first introduced it

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Batchat 25t ap guide deutsch. Aeg waschmaschine mit warmwasseranschluss. The walking dead daryl und carol. The originals vincent. Arizona robbins staffel 13. Betazugangscode cs go. Der stumme tod pdf. New dust 2 beta code. Aluminium gesundheit. Glutamat ungesund. Jake t austin 2018. Husqvarna 435 starten. Telekom sport app ps4 Check out this exciting WOT Account for $900 from our trusted seller Ghost_Py who guarantees 24 Hours Delivery (Offer ID: 167412573). Shop Now In 2013, the developers announced that the year 2014 will be a year of changes for the World of Tanks. So far, that is proving to be exactly true, but not always for the better. If you follow FTR, you might have noticed the concern of Russian developers to implement the EU tree in patch 9.6, new French premium vehicle arrived to the premium shop - the AMX Chasseur de Chars, AKA AMX CDC - and there's a post on Russian portal, describing the vehicle in detail. The characteristics of the vehicle in the article are presented as such: Hitpoints: 1400. Maximum load: 37,8 tons. Hull traverse: 40 deg/s. Maximum speed.

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Switch to the dark mode that's kinder on your eyes at night time. Switch to the light mode that's kinder on your eyes at day time WG, if you refuse to start balancing teams. - posted in The Mess Hall: I can't guarantee I won't use that return to garage every game

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  1. t ahogy azt teszik egy BatChatillon 25t vagy Leopard 1 ellen. Az átütési színezés, a T110E5 nehéz tank ágyújával nézve (AP): Felépítmény, felfüggeszté
  2. Equipment verbeterd de performance van je tank, zoals de view range (Coated Optics) of reload tijd vergeet niet dat het APCR is en geen AP. penetratie verzwakt veel meer met distance en grotere kans om te bouncen, En de Batchat 25t staat nu ook daadwerkelijk in mijn garage
  3. The T119 gun fired the T33E7 AP-T shell (mounted in the T24 case) at 3,000 ft/s (914 m/s) as well as the M71 HE round (in the T24 case). At 177.15 inches (4,500 mm) in length, the T119 had a length of 50 calibers

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They have amazing high tier arty, the BatChat 25t at tier X is insane, and the AMX50 Foch can kill any tier X tank in 15 seconds or less. Th e only issue is the AMX50B. [ - ] Anonymous 08/17/12(Fri)16:15 No.11973548 [] How does it feel to grind the shittiest German tank (Pz38nA) to get the Pz - Batchat 25t - AMX 50b - Foch b - Obj 277 - IS-7 - Obj 430u - FV4005 stage II Ben ooit gestopt bijvoorbeeld bij de t32 in de amerikaanse heavy lijn, omdat de m103 etc het toen echt niet waard waren, maar volgensmij zijn die wel wat verbeterd. Verder heb ik een aantal tier 9's nog in de garage zoals de ebr 90 en m53/m55 en ben ik bij de udes 03 About Grandpa. Been playing computer war games for over 30 years. Got hooked on computers in the early 1980's, went on to get a degree in Information System Management while serving in the US Army as a helicopter pilot, including 2 tours in Vietnam. After retiring from the US Army, worked in Information technology management for over 25 years

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The Char de 25t (as a prototype preparing the transition between the AMX-13 and the AMX-30) has better armor and mobility than the AMX-13 (in particular, an awesome reverse speed). The Panhard AML-90 at BR 6.7/7.0 in AB/RB is a cute little 4-wheel light vehicle shooting the same HEATFS as the AMX-13 (90) but with a lower muzzle velocity and without an autoloader Please visit the garter snakes2424 to read interesting posts BatChat - 729 (28%) T-62A - 594 (23%) E-50M - 444 (17%) below are the photos featuring the results of 122mm D-25T and 152mm ML-20S tests with Ferdinand and Panther being used as test First off, the results of BL-8 tests (regular AP rounds). Central Archive of the Russian Ministry of Defence, fund 38, inventory. I bought the Bat-Chat 25t AP because it's on discount now, and it's... OK. The stock gun was godawful, but the first gun upgrade already feels a lot better. And since it's lighter than the stock gun, you can just mount it in the stock turret which is nice. I've also got the Skoda T50, and I honestly can't say which I like better I have played 706 games in the Type-59, my next closest tank is the E-50 with 372 games. The win rate for the Type is 64%, average 1328 damage per game, I kill 1.72 tanks per death with it, and average 1.2 kills per game. I have spent two days, two hours and 26 minutes playing this tank... User #367335 5247 posts

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History - Myriad things have changes since WoT was released and accounts began accumulating stats. Tier changes (T30, T34, IS-4, Batchat 25t, AMX LTs, arty, MT-25, VK2801, etc), balance changes, mechanics changes (physics, premium rounds for credits, 2 sigma shell distribution, +2/-2 MM) are easily pointed to Btw you've got the weights for the S-51's guns wrong in scripts\item_defs\vehicles\ussr\components\guns.xml and its causing the S-51 to show as over its load limit and making you unable to change out any modules (unless you drop your equipment out). The correct values are 152mm BR-2 = 5720kg and 203mm BR-4 = 5200kg. Reply Delet

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  1. Batchat 25t Ap, Tier 9 Baby Batchat Followers 1. Batchat 25t Ap, Tier 9 Baby Batchat. By Copeyhagen, June 27, 2016 in France. he has it down to 2.3 with equipment. 232 pen, 300 damage in a 6 shot clip with approx 45 sec drum reload... opinions? Quote; Link to post Share on other sites. jackquerudo 2,405 jackquerudo.
  2. - Batchat 25t armor and speed won't be increased - Q: This game is getting boring, what exciting and new thing will you add? A: We have a great addon for the game. It's called 'real life' - try unlocking it, it helps. This is no joke - one cannot play the game forever, so in your case everything is absolutely normal
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  4. 15 152 ms 127 ms 127 ms xe-1-1-1.gw401.sg2.ap.equinix.com [] 16 600 ms 594 ms 567 ms 17 597 ms 623 ms 611 ms wotsg1-slave-54.worldoftanks.sg [] you need to ping the hop that is big to confirm if its actually it the location of the fault as a command prompt ping can show the wrong hope as high

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  1. world of tanks console batchat 25t ap. looking at how the batchat world of tanks plays and how to play bat chat 25t ap in wot console! a look at the batchat 25t hello guys, today we gonna play b c 25 t ap on highway in world of tanks! tank: b c 25 t ap map: highway result: 2 ace tankers in a row (4k dmg the original assassin of world of tanks, the bat chat 25t, is now top of the tree and here.
  2. The Grille Tier V German SPG has no nickname of it's own, but getting killed by it has a nickname: it's called getting Grilled.; The Japanese heavy tanks, released in patch 9.10, have been nicknamed Gojiras (as coined by Fandom VIP RitaGamer), poking fun at their massive size.The Japanese tier VII heavy tank has also been dubbed the Oni or Ogre, as a pun of it's actual name, O-Ni
  3. WoT B C 25t AP guide. World of Tanks - Bat Chat 25t AP. My review of and guide to the Bat.-Châtillon 25 t AP (or tier 9 Bat Chat), the French auto-loader medium tank from WoT.Bat. Der Bat.-Châtillon 25 t AP ist ein französicher mittlerer Panzer der Stufe 9. Zwischen 1950 und 1951 arbeiteten die Ingenieure der Firma FAMH (Compagnie des forges et aciéries de la marine et d'Homécourt) an der.
  4. The Heavy Tank T30 was a World War II American tank project developed to counter new German tanks, such as Tiger I, Tiger II, and tank destroyers, such as the Jagdtiger, or Soviet heavy tanks, such as IS-1 or IS-2. The T30 was designed at the same time as the T29 Heavy Tank Early tanks
  5. On pense rapidement aux changements de tiers T30, T34, IS-4, Batchat 25t, chars légers AMX, artillerie, MT-25, VK2801, etc), aux équilibrages, ou aux modifications de mécanismes (physique, munition premium payables en crédits, distribution des tirs
  6. Tank: JgPanther II. The two gun options are completely up to you. The long 88 (8,8 cm PaK 43 L/71) offers faster rate of fire with less damage per shot with an additional 3 mm of extra penetration. The 105 (10,5 cm PaK 45 L/52) has a slower rate of fire with more damage per shot and is slightly less accurate
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Batchat kicsit más kategória, azt nem lenne értelme ezekkel a E100, ИС-7 MT — Cromwell, Е 50, T 54, T 55 A, B-C 25t AP, E 50M, Оb. 140, B-C 25t, TVP T 50/51 LT — M41 Buldog, T71, AMX 13 90, Ru 251, WZ-132, LT 10 Gold for equipment replacements if needed Top 5 WoT Tanks selected for Boosting your win rate Other. Ode to the ELC. April 27, 2017. So about two weeks ago, Wargaming had a contest for people to create a guide on their favorite destination tank. In honor of my AMX ELC bis, which has been nerfed in Update 9.18, I decided to write a guide on it, the entire grind from the Renault FT to the ELC and the first autoloader, the AMX 12t Equipment is divided into removable (Camouflage Net, Binocular Telescope, Toolbox) and permanent. Demounting of the latter costs 10 gold. In WoT Blitz, there is a variety of 14 pieces of equipment that are possible to mount on your tanks. Each vehicle has the ability to mount 3 different choices of equipment