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Use of Ampersand (&) to Combine Multiple Columns into Single Column We can also use Ampersand (&) to concatenate or join texts more easily. Assuming that we don't have any delimiter with the texts in the cells but while joining texts from a row, we'll have to insert a delimiter You can use the following excel formula to transpose multiple columns that contain a range of data into a single column F: #1 type the following formula in the formula box of cell F1, then press enter key. #2 select cell F1, then drag the Auto Fill Handler over other cells until all values in range B1:D4 are displayed Method 1: Stack Data in Multiple Columns into One Column by Formula Step 1: Select range A1 to F2 (you want to do stack), in Name Box , enter a valid name like Range, then click Enter . Step 2: In any cell you want to locate the first cell of destination column, enter the formula = INDEX (Range,1+ INT (( ROW (A1)-1)/ COLUMNS (Range)), MOD (ROW(A1)-1+COLUMNS(Range),COLUMNS(Range))+1) This tutorial demonstrates how to use the concatenate function in Microsoft Excel to merge data from multiple columns into a single column The statement uses 3 IF functions, because it needs to combine 3 columns: For column A, the function compares the row number of a cell with the total number of cells in A column that are not empty. If the result is true, the function returns the value of the cell from column A that is at row ()

This tutorial will teach you how to combine two columns into one in Microsoft Excel. Let's say you have three names. The last names are in column A and the first names are in column B . It looks like this: If you want to combine the first name and last name together with the first name proceeding, follow these steps You can change the order of columns to the one you need - for example, {5,3,6,2} To return the closest match, specify TRUE; to return the exact match, specify FALSE. The closest match (TRUE) is set by default. How to vlookup multiple columns in Excel - example. Here is the VLOOKUP formula we have: =VLOOKUP(I2,A:F,{4,5,3},FALSE

The above image demonstrates a formula that adds values in three different columns into one column. Formula in H2: =IFERROR(INDEX($B$3:$B$7, ROWS(H2:$H I currently many columns of data that I want in one single column and am trying to automate the process with a macro. I don't want to combine/consolidate the data. I want to copy the data from Col B and place it under the last cell of data in Col A, then copy the data from Col C and place it.. To improve it, you should consider splitting up your column using the Text to Columns or Flash Fill features. Text to Columns will replace your single column with multiple columns using the same data. Flash Fill will replicate the data, splitting it into new, individual columns while leaving the original column intact

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  1. Select the column that you want to split. From the Data ribbon, select Text to Columns (in the Data Tools group). This will open the Convert Text to Columns wizard. Here you'll see an option that allows you to set how you want the data in the selected cells to be delimited. Make sure this option is selected
  2. Type =CONCAT (. Select the cell you want to combine first. Use commas to separate the cells you are combining and use quotation marks to add spaces, commas, or other text. Close the formula with a parenthesis and press Enter. An example formula might be =CONCAT (A2, Family)
  3. In this example we will combine first and last names into a single column. By using the & operator you will be able to combine multiple columns in Excel, and you will also be able to specify values and strings of text that you would like to attach to the column combination
  4. How to Split Data Into Multiple Columns in Excel. Excel Details: Select the cells you want to split by clicking the first cell and dragging down to the last cell in the column.In our example, we'll split the first and last names listed in column A into two different columns, column B (last name) and column C (first name.) Click the Data tab at the top of the Excel Ribbon
  5. In a blank cell C1, please enter this formula: =INDEX ($A$1:$A$20,ROW (C1)+ (5* (COLUMNS ($C$1:C$1)-1))), and then drag the fill handle from C1 to C5, see screenshot: Note: A1:A20 is the column data that you want to convert, 5* stands for the number of cells that you want to have in each column. 2
  6. 3. Excel Formula to Transpose a Single Column to a Single Row. The steps of implementing the formula to transpose a single column to a single row are described below, i. Select the column that you want to transpose (you already know how to select a column and multiple columns from the above discussions). ii
  7. How to Split Data Columns in Excel. A SendOutCards client recently asked for help uploading his contacts from an Excel spreadsheet to his SendOutCards relationship manager. The problem is that his spreadsheet has one column that contains city, state, and zip code data. The solution is to split the data into 3 separate columns for city, state.

How to multiply multiple columns in Excel. To multiply more than two columns in Excel, you can use the multiplication formulas similar to the ones discussed above, but include several cells or ranges. For example, to multiply values in columns B, C and D, use one of the following formulas: Multiplication operator: =A2*B2*C Step 1: On the View tab, click on the Freeze Panes option again. Step 2: In the next step, you need to click on the 'Freeze First Column' option. Step 3: Scroll till the right end of the worksheet where the column ends. Excel will add a dark grey vertical line which indicates that the first column is now frozen

I need to move two columns of data into one column of data. The second column needs each cell to go under the corresponding row cell next to it. Is this possible? See example below please. 1 a 2 b 3 c 4 d 1 a 2 b 3 c 4 d Thanks, Jhall21 In this article we are going to learn how to combine multiple columns to one column using vba code. From below snapshot:-. Following is the snapshot of require output:-. We need to follow the below steps: Click on Developer tab. From Code group select Visual Basic. Enter the following code in the standard module Your original column will appear to the left of the selected column. And that's how you move around your columns in your Excel spreadsheets! If you have data in one column that you want to be split into multiple columns, fixing that is easy! RELATED: How to Make One Long Column into Multiple Columns in Excel. How to Move a Row in Excel First is by using the Format option in excel. Important part is choosing the columns where hidden columns exist. Select the columns and follow further instruction below. Go to Home tab > Format > Hide & Unhide > Unhide Columns to unhide columns. This will make hidden columns visible between the selected columns. Column range expands as result. Alternate method. You can use one other way to perform the above task using mouse right click

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Answer: Using string concatenation, like this: The & symbol combines two strings into one string. I put an extra space to make it look pretty. It also treats numbers as strings, so you can combine different data types Excel: How to Split Data in One Column to Multiple Columns In some cases, the files we download from other applications does not come in a format that will enable us to analyse and present reports in Excel Tom's Tutorials For Excel: Transform a Range Into a Single Column List. Here's how you can take a range of data comprised by multiple columns and rows, and list its items in a single column. In the picture, all the items in range A1:D5 are listed in column F with the formul

Hey guys and girls, For the works on my construction site, i created a daily schedule which represents the concrete elements i want to receive on the stated day. Now the responsible of the production plant want to receive it as a weekly schedule. Any idea how i can stack the data of multiple columns into one, based on the week number Add a Single Combo Box. For worksheets where you only need one or two drop downs, just add the combo box on the worksheet, and set its properties. In the example shown above, the combo box is used to select a customer name, and there can be multiple locations for each customer. The list has 6 columns. The first column, ShipID, is hidden, and it. This simple sort works for many types of data, except when your rows and columns have identical, or duplicate, data. In these instances, you must sort on two or more columns, coming up next. Sorting Records on Multiple Fields. Depending on the complexity of your data, you may need to sort on more than one column

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  1. I am an extreme Excel newbie and don't know if this is possible or not. I have about 10 columns of part numbers for different engines. Some engines may share part numbers as well. I then have a single column of part numbers that are going to be obsoleted. I want to automatically find any..
  2. The multi column data validation list gives you the ability to look up data using more than one criteria. By creating this, you don't need to go and select Product code in one column, White in the next column and Medium in another column to see that you have 10 in stock for example
  3. ating the Blanks... Example: A1 = All we need
  4. Lock Column in Excel. To lock a column in Excel, we first need to select the column we need to Lock. Then click right anywhere on the selected column and select the Format Cells option from the right-click menu list. Now from the Protection tab of Format Cells, check the box of LOCKED with a tick. There is another way to lock a column which can.

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  1. Hello, I would like to copy the data from multiple columns into 1 column. Let's assume I have 5 columns - B - C - D - E - G - H and I want to have another column with.
  2. Of course, there are other ways to identify multi-column duplicates in Excel, but this one requires no specialized knowledge and is incredibly easy to implement. SEE: Tap into the power of data.
  3. Excel Formula Training. Formulas are the key to getting things done in Excel. In this accelerated training, you'll learn how to use formulas to manipulate text, work with dates and times, lookup values with VLOOKUP and INDEX & MATCH, count and sum with criteria, dynamically rank values, and create dynamic ranges
  4. Check the Excel Essentials Course: https://courses.xelplus.com/p/learn-excel-essentialsThis trick is the easiest (or laziest) method to unstack data from one..
  5. If I have a single block of data, I can select the block of data, or just a single cell within it, and Excel will build a chart using all of the data. The first column (if series are plotted by column) is used for X values, the rest of the columns become the Y values, and the first row is used for series names
  6. Excel VBA single column only visible cells in to multiple columns (grid ) Ask Question Asked today. Active today. Viewed 4 times 0 Can you guys please help me and suggest code edits to make code work for visible cells as well when column is filtered. Destination data should be.
  7. Say, you have an Excel table and want to copy all column underneath each other so that you only have one column. For example, you have a table 2 rows by 4 columns like in the screenshot on the right-hand side. You want to copy and paste this table to one column

Select Entire Column (or Multiple Columns) Using Mouse . I have a feeling you may already know this method, but let me cover it anyway (it will be short). Select One Column (or Row) If you want to select an entire column (say column D), hover the cursor over the column headers (where it says D) #2 Freeze Multiple Columns in Excel. Freezing multiple excel columns is similar to freezing multiple rows. For freezing multiple columns, select the first right-hand side cell immediately after the last column to be frozen. This is because multiple columns are frozen based on the current selection Merge two columns using formulas; Combine columns data via NotePad; The fastest way to join multiple columns; 1. Merge Two Columns using Excel Formulas. 1. Into your table > insert a new column > in the column header place the mouse pointer > right-click the mouse > select Insert from the context menu. Name the newly added columns for eg. How to Split Data Columns in Excel. A SendOutCards client recently asked for help uploading his contacts from an Excel spreadsheet to his SendOutCards relationship manager. The problem is that his spreadsheet has one column that contains city, state, and zip code data. The solution is to split the data into 3 separate columns for city, state. Can I Hide More than One Column at a Time in Excel? The steps in this article were performed in Microsoft Excel for Office 365, but will work in most other versions of Excel as well. Step 1: Open the Excel file containing the columns you want to hide. Step 2: Hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard, then click the column letter of the first.

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  1. TRANSPOSE with other Excel version. With TRANSPOSE, the result will be display in more than one cell. So, to return the result in many cells you must. Select as many cells as needed (here 5 cells on columns) Write your formula =TRANSPOSE (A2:A6) Validate your formula with the keys Ctrl + Shit + Enter
  2. Combining Two Columns With a Formula. These are the steps you have to follow to combine two columns into one: Right-click the column letter C. Click Insert. There will be a new empty column between the Last Name and Address. Enter Name into the column header. It combines the first and the last name into a single string separated by a space
  3. Hello everyone! I need your help wil excel slicers. I have a list of data where on the rows i have the list of clients and in columns i have sales and mprofit margin for different products. I need to create a slicer which contains the client name and a slicer which contains the product name · Hi ER, Based on your description, I suggest you use.
  4. Go to Data Tab > Sort & Filter> Select Filter. Each column will have a drop down list. Select your relevant options to filter multiple columns according to your need as shown in below image. Simple filtering has its limitations and thus to filter multiple columns with multiple criteria you need to use the Advanced Filter feature
  5. I have a question. I need to count data based on multiple criteria. I have a report that has about 9 columns. I need to count data based on whether or not data in 3 or more of those columns meet certain criteria. I know I can use =sum(countifs) for the columns where I need only I identify one of the data bits in that column

Yes, this is also simple especially if your data set has more than two columns. You just have to use A-Z or Z-A button. After this, you will just have put one of the columns in ascending or descending order. After this, Excel will move the data in all the other columns and at the same time keep the rows intact In this article, we will see how to match two columns in Excel and return a third. In Excel, there are many find and match functions like FIND, MATCH, INDEX, VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP etc. Here in this article, we are going to use some of these. We will see some Excel formula to compare two columns and return a value Check if one column value exists in another column using VLOOKUP. VLOOKUP is one of the lookup, and reference functions in Excel and Google Sheets used to find values in a specified range by row. It compares them row-wise until it finds a match. In this tutorial, we will look at how to use VLOOKUP on multiple columns with multiple criteria

Let's see how we can sort by multiple columns in excel. We will see a quick example to understand how to sort the data by more than one column in excel. In the below given data, we want to sort first by column A and then by column B descending (highest to lowest) and then by column E. Step You select multiple cells in Excel by holding down the mouse button and dragging the cursor across columns or rows. 2. Navigate to the Home tab in the office ribbon, if you aren't already there I created one xmal include two workflows and hope it will be helpful. Workflow 1: It will combine 2 columns of the same datatable into new column of the other datatable. Workflow2: It will combine 2 columns of the same datatable into the first column of them. ColumnCombine.zip (11.7 KB) 2 Likes Source: Compare Two Columns in Excel Using Vlookup (wallstreetmojo.com) Compare Two Columns in Excel Using Vlookup (Find Matches) VLOOKUP is the lookup function Lookup Function The LOOKUP excel function searches a value in a range (single row or column) Answer (1 of 4): To perform co-ordinate tests for your information, you may remember additional IF declarations of your value _if_ true value and value _if_ false for your Excel IF equations. These numerous IF skills are called IF's ability to be solved and can show great value if you need your f..

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  1. Typically when you use INDEX you only specify one row number and one column number. However, we can also specify a list of numbers to return multiple rows and columns in a spill range. There are two ways we can specify the list of row and column numbers in the INDEX arguments. Using a formula like SEQUENCE or XMATCH to create the list
  2. Hi, I have another question about Compare Two Columns and Highlight Mismatched Data. This helps to identify unique values in 2 columns A and B , but it fails if suppose there are 2 similar values in Column A and that value doesn't exits in Column B, it should highlight it because it is a mismatch in Column A and Column B but it doesn't do that
  3. If you have ever tried to use a VLOOKUP function with two or more criteria columns, you've quickly discovered that it just wasn't built for that purpose. Fortunately, there is another function that may work as an alternative to VLOOKUP depending on what you want to return. Multi-Column Lookup Objective First, let's confirm our objectiv
  4. For example, when adding a date field to the Columns area, Excel will likely group the dates into months automatically instead of displaying each individual date as a column heading. In the Columns area of the PivotTable Fields pane, you'll see two fields—Date and Months—even though you only added a single field
  5. That's all for today. We have tried listing the ways of finding similar text in two columns in Excel. Hope you will find this helpful. Feel free to comment if something seems difficult to understand. Let us know any other approaches which we might have missed here. The post Excel Find Similar Text in Two Columns appeared first on ExcelDemy
  6. Conditional format - fill multiple columns base on a single column's value I have a spreadsheet with 4 columns, and a conditional formatting rule to fill cells in column B to pink if the value is > 0

Hi Friend I/m also facing a problem in excel My data are column-wise 3.26mm 3.05mm 3.10mm 0.1285 0.1200 0.1220 1/4 1/4 6mm 1-1/8 1-1/8 28mm 2-5/8 2-5/8 66mm I want to arrange This saved me so much time and worked perfectly for combining multiple columns into a single column Microsoft Excel 2010 spreadsheets provide a great way for you to separate related data so that you can sort and edit some information without affecting other information. But you may find yourself in a situation where data that you had originally separated into different columns is more useful to you when it is combined into one column TAGS: Combining multiple columns into one single column in Google Sheets Merge multiple columns into one in Google Sheets How to consolidate data from multiple columns into a single in Google Sheets How to use TEXTJOIN formula/function in Google Sheets How to use TRANSPOSE formula/function in Google Sheets How to use SPLIT formula/function in Google Sheets TRANSPOSE, TEXTJOIN and SPLIT formula.

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One workaround that is often overlooked is just copying the single-column list to a blank Word document. If you paste it there as plain text, you can format each page for multiple columns and actually print the information. If you would rather not involve Word, you can cut and paste information from the first column into other columns to give. As shown below, this single column has information in it and we would like to split it into 2 columns so that anything after the word CODE: is in its own column. We need to use multiple characters as delimiters. If you try to use the Text to Column tool, you will see that you cannot enter the word CODE: on the 'Other' space When working with data in Excel, multiple cell data may need to be selected separately. You may want to select multiple columns and rows while excluding some. This is one of the best Excel office skills that you can get More precisely, you have seen how to split the text in a column into multiple columns in Excel using Python. You can explore more about Aspose.Cells for Python via Java using the documentation . In case you would have any queries, contact us via our forum 3) Third, instead of a single value or formula like the COLUMN function we used above, the column number is an array constant {2,3,4,5,6}. These curly brackets are entered manually. This tells the VLOOKUUP formula not to select a single column, but to select all the ones listed and insert the value in the appropriate column

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Do two single clicks on Blank 2 in the legend. Press Delete. In the Layout tab, choose Legend, Show Legend at Top. Click on the right vertical axis. Press Delete. This whole set of steps is demonstrated in Learn Excel Podcast Episode 1091. Gotcha: This only works with one stacked column To freeze several columns, select the cell at the page bottom (to the right from the fixed column). Pick the Freeze Panes button. How to freeze the row and column in Excel. You have a task - to freeze the selected area, which contains two columns and two rows. Make a cell at the intersection of the fixed rows and columns active Or, we can independently select columns one at a time by holding down Ctrl while clicking. When done, Excel indicates the order by putting a little 1, 2, and 3 in the column headers. The 1, 2, and 3 need to represent the same columns in both tables, as shown below But if we can't or don't want to modify the Excel file, such as to avoid the same steps every time a new file comes in? One way to achieve a Power Query-only solution is to transpose the rows. Then, we can apply the required transforms, such as filling down, creating a new column that concatenates the three columns and so on Instead of one row with Productivity containing 4 columns of data (one column for each quarter), my data set has four rows with Productivity with Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4 in seperate rows. I'd like to avoid manually rearranging it, especially since I'm dealing with much larger sets of data

There are three ways to transpose rows and columns in an Excel chart. The first is to go to Chart Design - Switch Row/Column. The second is to right-click in some empty space in the chart, click on Select Data, and click on Switch Row/Column.. Thirdly, you can also go to Chart Design - Select Data - Switch Row/Column Select the 2 columns that you want to merge together. You can use the Excel shortcut i.e., Shift + ArrrowRight to select the data of all the cells present in two columns. Copy data of the column (You can use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + C). Click on Start-> All Programs -> Accessories -> Notepad Split Cells into Multiple Columns. Let's see how to split the data into multiple columns. This is also part of data cleaning. Sometimes your data are in one single column, and you need to divide it into multiple adjacent columns for applying Sort, Filter or Pivot table. All the information is in one single column, but you need to separate it Move the column to the new position. 6. Release the left mouse button. 7. Release the shift key. Result: To move multiple columns in Excel without overwriting existing data. 8. First, select multiple columns by clicking and dragging over the column headers. 9. Repeat steps 2-7. Result: Note: in a similar way, you can move a single row or.

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iDiTect.Excel provides rows and columns manipulation in worksheet. Get and select Rows / Columns in Worksheet. Support to get single or multiple lines row and column. Select single/contiguous/spread columns by column id or column name Excel VLookup Return Multiple Values in One Cell Separated by a Comma in 4 Easy Steps: Click here to open. Excel VLOOKUP Multiple Sheets in 10 Easy Steps: Click here to open. You can find more Excel Tutorials in the organized Tutorials Archive: Click here to open The columns are Multi-Index consisting of 3 levels. First level has Germany as country. Second level has some indicators, and third level has years. And there are some data in the pandas dataframe. I'd like to export this dataframe to Excel such that I get Germany in each column To deepen the value of a sorting process, use Excel to sort by more than one criterion at a time. Step 1. Click on the Select All button at the intersection of your row and column headings. The cells in your worksheet highlight to confirm they're selected. (Or use one of the methods showed in Select Actual Used Range in Excel worksheet) Step I need to convert PDF to Excel, however, columns and tabs make many merged cells and many blank columns. In addition to not separate the columns correctly, I see many not separate lines together in the same cell. I'm even thinking that Adobe Acrobat Pro DC has limitations. There is no way to define what points in columns to force break column

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Here, we will enter the input values in Column B to Column E. After that, enter the given formula in the selected area. Finally, we will get the result in Cell H3. Example Wrap-Up: In this guide, you can get some clarification about the formulas to sum the values from multiple columns based on single criteria in Excel Steps on how to remove duplicate rows based on one column in excel. Step 1: Select the range of cells that you want to remove duplicates from. A range is a rectangular block of cells containing data to be manipulated. Just like in word, in most cases, the user must select or highlight the cells that he or she wants to manipulate This VBA macro shows you how to insert a single column or multiple columns into your spreadsheet. Insert Single or Multiple Excel Columns With VBA May 07, 2014 / Chris Newman. What This VBA Code Does. This VBA macro shows you how to insert a single column or multiple columns into your spreadsheet

In the previous post, we have seen the simple formula used to find the value based on descending order in Excel. In this tutorial, we will guide you to learn the simple steps to find the value in multiple columns by using the INDEX and MATCH functions in Excel.Let's step them below! METHOD 1. Count cells from multiple columns that contain value. EXCEL. Edit Formula. = COUNTA (C:D) The formula uses the Excel COUNTA function to count the number of non-empty cells from the selected columns C and D. In this example the formula will count all of the cells in range (C4:D11) given they contain values and no other cell in columns. Click Insert Sheet Columns. METHOD 3. Insert multiple columns using the cell option. EXCEL. Select multiple cells > Right-click on any of the selected cells > Insert > Entire column> OK. 1. Select the cells where you want to insert new columns. Note: in this example we are inserting three new columns in columns B, C and D Hello All, Happy 2018! Is there a way to print related Excel columns as continuous columns on one page? I use a dynamic Excel workbook (I'm not the author), with three related columns (please see sample workbook). I need to print the three columns on one page (paper size/orientation should be flexible - please see sample document and note the column headers, merged cells, etc.)

Hi, How to split data into multiple worksheets based on column in excel 2013. i have searched it in google. they told you can do it in Enterprise Tab in excel, but i have not there in enterprise tab in my excel. this is my input. this is my output split the data based on name column in sheet1. · Preparation (needed only once): Select File. That will give you a total for the column. Do the same for column B (using B1:B20). In a cell of your choice in column C use the formula = A21+B21 and that will give you the total for both columns. If its not exactly what you are looking for then try to be a little more specific on how you want your spreadsheet to look

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How to Use COUNTIF Function to Find Duplicates in Multiple Columns. Suppose you have 4 columns of data and you need to find the duplicates when all 4 values in a row are the same. Step 1: Create a Helper Column, type the formula =COUNTIF (A2:D2,A2) in the first cell; Step 2: Copy down to the bottom, each row returns the count of first cell Sort Two or More Columns. If you want to sort 2 or more columns in an Excel table, use the Sort dialog box. In this example, the table contains personal data, and it will be sorted by 3 columns: First, by Gender; Next, by State; Finally, by Birth Year; Follow these steps to safely sort by the 3 columns You can also just go up into the Nam Box and type F1 in and when you hit Enter, your cursor will now be in cell F1. Now, I'll go to the Home tab, then to the Cells group, click the down arrow under Format, and follow it down to Hide & Unhide, then choose Unhide Columns: You can use that same concept for any row or column Microsoft Excel is great at processing large amounts of data. You can quickly look at information, calculate different values based on it, and sort data to find the largest or smallest values. You can also sort multiple columns of data so you can sort on multiple data points. Learn how in this Excel tutorial

Re: Combine multiple columns into one and paste to another sheet VBA. Fixed! Code below will stack all columns from Column C and paste them into another sheet in Column j. Sub test() Dim j As Long, E As Long, r As Range, dest As Range Sheets(Pivot).Activate j = Sheets(Pivot).Range(c1).End(xlToRight).Column For E = 3 To j 'column 3 works

How-to Close the Gaps Between Chart Series in an ExcelHow To Import Multiple Files With Multiple Sheets In PowerHow to add multiple columns in Microsoft Word 2016Quickly combine multiple worksheets / ranges from